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I've been writing (more or less) since I could pick up a pencil. My goal is simple: to help others harness the power of stories to find their voice and share it with the world. 

I was born in Colorado, but I moved to New York City when I was eighteen to attend NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. There, I learned the ins and outs of multimedia storytelling and the art of using narrative to move people. After graduating summa cum laude in 2019, I joined forces with Emmy-winning television writers at Radish Fiction to develop serial fiction stories for audiences of millions of readers. In 2020, I began coaching leaders in the technology industry to improve their communication and gain confidence in their writing. Since then, I've helped C-suite executives, bestselling authors, independent writers, and more achieve their personal and professional writing goals.

I firmly believe there's a story in everything. You just need to know where to look.

Want to learn more? Request a free consultation.

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