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Scale your impact at work with one of the most talked-about communication strategies in business. 


Through personalized coaching, I will show you how to use time-tested storytelling techniques to influence others, connect with your target audience, amplify your message, and level up your marketing. With experience coaching top industry professionals from around the world, I will help you communicate for greater impact and achieve your business goals. 

Ready to become a business storyteller? Book a free consultation today.

What is business storytelling?

Communication: it's a critical skill in almost any job, company, or industry. It's the key to success in sales, leadership, fundraising, advertising, and overall career growth. But effective communication is about more than having a strong message. It's about making your message land.  

Business storytelling is the art of using stories to achieve your professional goals. If you want to master it, you need a coach who understands narrative, structure, character, theme, genre, and presentation. In other words, you need a Born Storyteller. Together we will discuss your objectives and explore the secret weapon of storytelling—and how to use it for maximum impact. 

Why become a business storyteller?

No matter what you do, with strategic storytelling, you can do it better. 

Applications of business storytelling: 

  • Fundraising

  • Sales

  • Brand strategy and messaging

  • Speeches

  • Social media marketing

  • Content and copywriting

  • Product pitches

  • Public relations and crisis management

  • Team leadership and internal communication

Don't see what you're looking for? Schedule a free consultation and we can discuss your goals in more detail.

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